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Why Use USA-Rent2Own.com?

Finding the right home that is for sale by owner can be hard without the right resources. We’ll provide you with information regarding rent to own houses, including the differences between terms like FSBO, rent to purchase, rent to buy options and equip you with listings for great rent to own homes so that you can find the right property. We want everyone to have the opportunity to become a homeowner, whether you have great credit or not, and because the rent to own environment is a competitive market, it can be difficult to find the right house. That’s why we offer exclusive rent to own home listings in your area, from Arizona to Alabama, Tacoma to Texas.

Benefits of a Rent to Own Home

There are a ton of benefits to choosing real estate that is for sale by owner. For those with poor credit, having the ability to make a housing purchase without having to be approved for a bank loan is a huge benefit. It also allows more money to be saved, credit to be built or repaired and gives the renter the ability to feel the pride and responsibilities of a home owner. As with any real estate purchase there are risks, but many find that the reward of becoming a homeowner is worth it.

What are “Rent to Own” Homes?

Rent to own houses are homes for sale by owner (FSBO), meaning that there are no brokers or banks involved in financing. These “owner financed” properties allow the renter to rent with the option to buy at the end of an agreed period of time. While “rent to buy”, “rent to own”, “lease to own”, etc., are used interchangeably, they often have slight differences, so make sure you fully understand any real estate purchase agreement you may enter. In general, these lease to own programs have a pretty simple and standard process.

How does a Lease to Buy Option work?

A lease to buy option is part of the Rent to Own process. Typically, an agreed upon amount, usually 2.5-5% of the house’s value is paid by the renter to purchase a lease option. For example, let’s say you were interested in a 3 bedroom rent to own home in Seattle that had an appraised value of $300,000. You agree to pay the owner $7,500 as purchase option. This helps because it’s not as large as a traditional down payment and provides you, the renter, with the right of first refusal to buy the house at the end of the agreement. These agreements are always binding to the owner/seller, but only sometimes binding to the renter/buyer. Additionally, a portion of the monthly rent payments is added to the cost of the purchase option which can act as a down payment, should you choose to continue with the purchase at the end of the term.